Communications and Marketing

Communications & Marketing

We smile when we hear the word Okra.

Spreading the green begins here.
The Communications & Marketing staff does what Merriam-Webster defines as information transmission. We communicate—through lots of different channels and with more than just words. If it relates to Delta State, we want to know it and share it. The staff serves as a campus resource for all things related to the media. Creative ideas are welcome!

Each department/division has newsworthy items or events that occur throughout the year. We are here to help spread the positive energy of Delta State’s programs through media outlets. These include newspapers, radio, television, social outlets and more.

Delta State’s in-house graphic designer will work with university departments on setting up brochures, flyers, advertisements, posters and pretty much anything design related.

The photographer is available to support university needs for photography. Please submit a service work order to notify the staff of your event.

Communications and Marketing can also provide photos for appropriate media needs.

If you need a photo from our collection:
– Contact commark@deltastate if you need a more specific photograph serves as one of the first impressions many prospective students and visitors receive. It also serves our current students, faculty and staff with academic and informational needs. Maintaining user-friendly, up-to-date pages is important.

Staff can work with content managers to help ensure the web pages look great and function logically. Training sessions are available to learn all the skills necessary.

Communications and Marketing works with university departments and other entities to ensure all marks and logos are used properly and within the graphic standards. The identity standards guide and downloadable logos can be found online. Creation of new representative images should be approved by the brand manager.

Identity Standards Guide

This is the official DSU brand and style guide. Use this reference booklet to make sure your materials fall within brand standards, follow approved parameters in font, point, color, spacing, etc.

Press Release Checklist

Please provide the following information when submitting a news release.

Provide background information.

  • Send background information on the person/grant/topic being discussed.
  • Information should be concise and submitted all at one time. This will decrease confusion and chance for error.
  • Do not include information that does not need to be published.

Provide quotes.

  • If you are submitting a story, please be willing to provide a quote if appropriate.
  • If you would like to include quotes from other subjects, provide those in the submission with the background information.

Be timely.

  • News gets old fast, so timeliness is the utmost important factor in providing information.
  • If you have a story idea related to your knowledge of a topic or person, please be ready to help with information gathering. It is a timely process that requires quick communication.

Allow scheduling for an interview.

  • If a department or office must be the first point of contact for a story subject, please ask if the news writer may email or call to setup an interview that will best fit both parties’ schedules.

Provide clear information for technical speak.

  • If grant information and numbers are needed in a press release, please provide the most significant information that the common reader needs to know and understand. Most of the time, the average reader does not need to know anything beyond the basic most newsworthy information.


  • If you have access to a relevant, high resolution photo to accompany the above information, please include that as well.

The Office of Communications and Marketing provides news coverage, photography, graphic design, branding and web design for the university at large. Our goal is to exhibit Delta State’s excellence across the region, state and beyond. While the staff strives to provide services in a timely manner, we cannot guarantee availability for all services requested. Requests will be handled based on the office’s ability and need to utilize the resulting materials.

Contact The Team

Office of Communications & Marketing
DSU Box D-3
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(662) 846-4675

Dr. Christy Riddle
Chief Marketing Officer

Gregory Braggs Jr.
Web Developer

Nathan Duff
Staff Writer

Caroline Fletcher
Digital Media Coordinator

Holly Ray
Marketing Coordinator

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